AM rounds off take-over IPMMC (NL)

AM has rounded off the take-over of IPMMC Vastgoed. IPMMC Vastgoed is an independent, specialized real estate company, focused on developed, consultancy and management of complex projects. With this take-over, AM strengthens its position in commercial real estate. For IPMMC Vastgoed, the take-over is a financial impulse to realize its growth ambitions.

IPMMC Vastgoed, based in Utrecht, has a portfolio for the development of approx. 550,000 m² of commercial real estate. For the large part, these are projects for businesses, like the development of head offices, shopping centers and car parks. IPMMC is also active in advising governments and multinationals in their housing and real estate projects.

The management of IPMMC Vastgoed, consisting of Martin Verwoert, Jan Regterschot and Paul Trip, will remain connected to the company for the coming years. IPMMC will keep working under its own name and identity, separate from AM Real Estate. This unit of AM is focused on commercial real estate and managed by Erik Röling. It has an autonomous growth strategy and a portfolio for the development of approx. 640,000 m² of center locations, retail areas and offices. Recently AM signed agreements for the development of the centers of the Dutch cities of Best and Hengelo.

Source: AM NV

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