AM and Heilijgers develop multi-functional city center project in Zwijndrecht (NL)

On March 20, 2007, the Municipality of Zwijndrecht, AM and Heilijgers Projectontwikkeling have signed an agreement for the development of Euryza. Euryza, situated on the banks of the Oude Maas river, will be part of the new city center of Zwijndrecht (Rotterdam region). The project consists of 285 dwellings, leisure and cultural facilities. The sale of the dwellings will start before this summer. The delivery of Euryza is scheduled for 2010.

Over the last couple of years the municipality and market parties have been developing the plans for the site of the former Euryza rice-mill. The unique characteristics of the site, such as the location on the banks of one of the most important rivers in the Netherlands, the view on the historic city center of Dordrecht as well as the vicinity of arterial roads, are fully exploited in the plans.

The urban plan for the new city center, designed by the architectural firms Bureau Rein Geurtsen and OD 205 Architecten, consists among other things of 14 apartment buildings (285 dwellings) situated around two inner courts, a lively Culture square with a 240-seat theater ("Cultuurhuis") as well as numerous (grand) cafés, restaurants and shops, an attractive promenade along the river banks, and parking garages that are fully out-of-sight.

In their development plans AM and Heilijgers focussed on specific target groups, such as seniors, 'dinkies' (double income no kids), families with kids and starters. This demographic mix will create a lively and attractive neighborhood, which suits a city center.

Euryza is part of the new city center of Zwijndrecht and the third project to be developed as part of the major urban plan. Projects that started previously are the construction of a new town hall and project 'Tien' as well as a renovation project at the Onderdijserijweg.

Source: AM

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