Altera Vastgoed wins Dutch Property Investor of the Year 2007 Award (NL)

During the annual Vastgoedsymposium 2007, organized by Jones Lang LaSalle, the independent private real estate fund Altera Vastgoed has been named Dutch Property Investor of the Year 2007. This makes the company the proud winner of the Gouden Baksteen (Golden Brickstone) and receives €5,000 for charity. Altera Vastgoed won the award mainly for the fact that they have enlisted several new participants for their fund. Participation in Altera Vastgoed's fund often means that participants switch from direct to indirect real estate.

René Hoogenboom,
CEO of Altera Vastgoed.

Alastair Hughes and
Piet Eichholtz.

Marijn Snijders and Eric de Clercq Zubli, Chairman and Managing Director of Jones Lang LaSalle respectively, presented the award to drs. René Hoogenboom, CEO of Altera Vastgoed. Mr. Hoogenboom was very proud to win the award: "we were very surprised. The nice thing about the award is that it is the opinion of other professionals, who know the business. It makes you feel like an sportsman who's being honoured by his fellow sportsmen for his achievements. It's a nice gesture of appreciation from the sector for our work."

Research real estate investment policy
During the Vastgoedsymposium, Jones Lang LaSalle also presented the results of the annual research into the real estate investment policy of Dutch institutional investors and real estate funds in 2007. The research, which was conducted in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, was done for the 16th consecutive year.

The most important conclusions and trends from the research are:
  • Investors have over €6.5 billion to spend in 2007 and 2008
  • Dutch investors are positive about the office market. The vacancy rates have dropped considerably
  • Investors are very interested in the special segments, like care, elderly and students
  • 92.9% of the investors expects housing prices to increase
  • The large part of the investors (approx. 80%) says that their policy will not be adapted following the situation in the capital market

Source: Jones Lang LaSalle

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