ALINSO GROUP inaugurates first green industrial warehouse built in Romania at Ploiesti West Park (RO)

ALINSO GROUP is celebrating two years of successful business in Romania since the opening of Ploiesti West Park, the largest business park in South Eastern Europe, with a surface area of 250 ha. On this occasion, Alinso Group also marks the inauguration of a new milestone in the development of Ploiesti West Park: the first building dedicated to small and medium-sized companies.

Ploiesti West Park

This will be the first industrial warehouse in Romania that will have a BREEAM certification.

With a total surface of 17,800 m², this will be the first industrial warehouse in Romania that will have a BREEAM certification. With this project, ALINSO understands the responsibility towards the environment and the community and it is the first company that is embracing green industrial buildings.

"We are proud to celebrate the two-year anniversary of our presence in Romania, with so many clients who have already joined us. Also, we are happy to inaugurate an innovative project: the first industrial building in Romania to be BREEAM certified.

"This certification is helping us to achieve the best development that blends energy-related imperatives with economic requirements and convenience. We believe that the influence of increasing energy prices and the increased concern for the environment will lead end-users to seek buildings with certifications such as BREEAM because they see them as a good way of generating long-term savings.

"We are confident in our partners in Romania and believe that our no nonsense approach, with a focus on customer intimacy and smart engineering will allow us to further grow in this promising and lovely country, Romania," stated Ivan Lokere, CEO of Alinso Group.

In these two years, Ploiesti West Park has proven fast execution capabilities and has attracted important companies such as Unilever, Lufkin Industries Inc, The Toro Company, OTZ Logistics and British American Tobacco. Alinso has delivered in terms of warehouse space 30,000 m² to Unilever, 12,000 m² to OTZ Logistics and 8,300 m² to British American Tobacco. For Toro Company, Alinso is building a production warehouse of 13,000 m² on 3.4 ha of land sold to this company.

With 50,000 m² of logistics warehouse already built, Ploiesti West Park is ready to deliver, by the end of 2011, an additional 20,000-m² class-A logistics warehouse, a 17,800-m² BREEAM compliant SME building (dedicated to small & medium enterprises), a 9,000-m² Small Enterprises building (dedicated to small companies) and several other specialized buildings and facilities such as cold storage warehouses. By the end of 2011, far over 100,000 m² of buildings will have been constructed on the park.

Source: BDR Associates

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