Alexander Gebauer appointed new CEO of Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG (CH/DE)

Alexander Gebauer is the new CEO of Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG. He succeeds Stefan Brendgen, who is switching to the company's Supervisory Board. Alexander Gebauer has been COO of the Allianz Real Estate Group since 2009 and will continue to perform this role.

With a portfolio of about CHF 3.5 billion (approx. €2.9 billion), Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG is already firmly established on the Swiss property market. As the new CEO, Alexander Gebauer is determined to consistently expand the company's operations while focusing on quality in terms of both investment and asset management.

Summing up the situation on the Swiss real estate market, he declared: "Even if some sections of the Swiss economy temporarily cool down, our overall outlook remains upbeat. We expect recovery to start as early as 2013. And as far as office space in business regions is concerned, success will depend on quality and location even more than before."

The new CEO expects yields on leases in Switzerland to rise – which is why Allianz Suisse Immobilien AG intends to step up its activities in this segment. The company's portfolio currently comprises about 60% residential and 40% commercial property, chiefly in Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Basel.

Source: Allianz Real Estate

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