Albertis unveils new masterplan for Luton Airport (UK)

Albertis, the Spanish operator of Luton Airport, has released a masterplan setting out a 15-year expansion plan and is expected to submit a planning application in the next few months.

The new plan aims to turn Luton into 'London's Local Airport' through improved transport links. It provides just over 13,264 m² of additional floorspace, including plans for additional retail areas. In terms of surface access, the plan proposes the construction of a dual two-lane 7.3-m wide carriageway leading up to the terminal.

Other elements include:

  • Improvements to the terminal building through the construction of a new pier, and a new layout which can be achieved through minor extension works that won't disrupt the running of the airport
  • Extending the taxiway 500 m to increase the number of aircraft movements, creating new aircraft stands, and upgrading existing ones
  • Constructing two new traffic lanes to the south of "Airport Way", leading into a newly created set down system in the Central Terminal Area, which will ease congestion and manage growth in the future.

Glyn Jones, Managing Director of London Luton, said: "The Mayor of London has proposed a new hub in the Thames Estuary to deal with the constraints on medium- and long-haul aviation capacity in London and the South East.

"We have outlined a credible and realistic plan that, if approved, will put Luton at the heart of solving the burden on point-to-point short haul operators who want to grow."

Jonathan Riley Planning Partner and airports specialist at international law firm Pinsent Masons said: "It's encouraging to see another example of confidence in the airport sector and Luton's plans for growth will surely be welcomed by the local economy.

"But it's important to recognize – as Luton themselves say – that this is about meeting demand for short haul, point to point flights. It does not address the question of hub capacity for long haul flights, which will be hotly debated once the aviation framework consultation kicks off later this month."

Source: MJ2 Limited

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