Ahsan Ellahi heads new Eurohypo business unit ESF (DE/UK)

Eurohypo has announced the appointment of Ahsan Ellahi as head of the newly created Eurohypo business unit "European Structured Finance" (ESF) in London. The 48-year-old banker is one of the leaders in the field of European real estate finance and in real estate investment banking.

Ellahi is switching from HSBC to Eurohypo. There he was in charge of the bank's European real estate business and he also managed numerous teams in Asia and the Middle East. The focal point of his work for ESF is to build individual complex financial transactions for the clients of Eurohypo, including syndications and mezzanine solutions. Ellahi is married and has four children.

The new Eurohypo business unit European Structured Finance, for which Ellahi is responsible, will in future embrace parts of Eurohypo's European real estate investment banking and the unit "European Debt Capital Market Origination" (EDO).

"The new unit operating throughout Europe will primarily strenghten Eurohypo's proximity to its customers more noticeably," Bernd Knobloch, Eurohypo's CEO, said. "In the future we will be in an even better position to provide our customers with the entire value creation chain of modern real estate banking pooled from one source," he continued. The new unit ESF and the experience of an international banker like Ashan Ellahi will provide a more solid base for the continous growth of Eurohypos international business.

ESF is closely linked to Eurohypo's operational business units and will provide its special expertise primarily in complex loan transactions. As a result, ESF will be a substantial driving force for the future of Eurohypo's business in a market environment which is constantly becoming more complex.

Source: Eurohypo

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