Ahold Delhaize acquires 39 stores from the Deen supermarket chain (NL)

Ahold Delhaize acquires 39 stores from the Deen supermarket chain (NL)

DEEN has reached an agreement with Albert Heijn, Vomar Voordeelmarkt and DekaMarkt regarding the sale of all 80 DEEN Supermarket stores to these three parties. The intention is that of the 80 stores, 39 stores will be rebranded as Albert Heijn, 22 stores will become Vomar Voordeelmarkt shops and 19 stores will join the DekaMarkt chain. The purchase price was not disclosed.


According to CEO Leendert van Eck, who has been leading the company since 2016, the acquisition is a difficult but logical step. "We have built a fine company and thanks to the hard work of our employees and our loyal customer base, we can look back on wonderful years. To be future-proof, significant financial efforts are required, but the family has made a different choice," said van Eck. "Together with the family, we have conducted a careful orientation, over a longer period of time, concerning the future of DEEN. The most important criteria were continuity for the employees, keeping its value for customers, a careful transition process that is necessary in the event of acquisition and securing the interests of Superunie, the purchasing organization of which we have been a loyal member for decades. With Albert Heijn, DekaMarkt and Vomar, all three of them parties with strong North-Holland roots, DEEN will be in good hands."


Marit van Egmond, CEO at Albert Heijn, commented: "Together with the Deen family and the CEO of DEEN Supermarkets we have extensively and carefully explored the options. We are happy that together with them, Vomar and DekaMarkt, we have achieved this result today. For Albert Heijn, it is a unique addition to our store based in North Holland and an important strategic step. DEEN is a traditional Dutch family business, committed with heart and soul to their employees and customers. The expertise, the experience in the stores, and their strong commitment to the community are a great fit with everything we also stand for. Together with DEEN’s employees, we look to the future with confidence."


Aart van Haren, CEO, on behalf of Vomar Voordeelmarkt, said: "This acquisition provides Vomar Voordeelmarkt with a unique opportunity to strengthen its position in the existing market area. The entrepreneurship and drive with which the DEEN stores have been developed into successful supermarkets is impressive and Vomar Voordeelmarkt has every confidence to continue this path in the future. In the past period, all parties involved have worked together intensively and successfully to achieve this result. For this, we are very grateful to the Deen family, DEEN’s management, Albert Heijn and DekaMarkt."


Albert Voogd, CEO, on behalf of DekaMarkt, added: "We respect the decision by the Deen family and the way in which they ensure that this fine company that they have built, ends up well. The DEEN and DekaMarkt stores have much in common, such as the strong focus on fresh products. Also, the way in which we put the relation with our customers and associates central to what we do is similar. The ties between our family businesses go back a long way and we have the same North-Holland common sense. We are delighted that we are able to further strengthen our DekaMarkt formula with the beautiful DEEN stores and are proud to welcome their employees onboard."

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