Agromex presents winning entry of architectural competition for Fanny-Zobel-Strasse (DE)

Agromex GmbH & Co. KG will realize three new standalone buildings on a plot of around 7,000 m² located on Fanny-Zobel-Strasse in Berlin's borough of Treptow-Köpenick. The buildings will complete the existing development and involve a redevelopment of current town-planning structures.


The concept was developed by Pysall Architekten.

The investor will thereby realize the concept developed by the Berlin-based architectural firm Pysall Architekten, whose entry, masterminded by Justus Pysall, emerged victorious from the international architectural competition in June. 14 renowned firms had submitted their concepts in a two-stage competition that was conducted according to the guidelines for town-planning competitions passed by the Berlin Architects Registration Board.

"The jury of 10, consisting of Senate and Borough representatives and of independent experts, unanimously declared this concept the winner, as the solution of stand-alone structures ensures a completion of the quarter while not depriving local residents of their view of the river," said Franz Rembold, Managing Director of Agromex GmbH & Co. KG.

"This makes the design a clear improvement vis-à-vis the master plan of 1994, because it manages, on the one hand, to keep the quality of the quarter intact while, on the other hand, creating urgently needed housing for a broad-based target constituency."

Abandoning maximum development in favor of neighborhood concerns
The original master plan for the property that also served as basis for the existing buildings of the quarter from the Treptower high-rise to the TwinTower complex envisioned a continuous development of the rear cadastral unit no. 97 with a residential block and a tripling of the TwinTowers, so that the cadastral unit no. 118 along the riverbank would have been studded with six uniform building structures.

Implementation of this plan would have created a barrier-like development on the lower levels that would have blocked the view of the river for the residents of residential complexes behind it, except for two narrow passageways. Neither does the existing development plan resolve this issue, as it projects three towers of equal height and connected via a superstructure straddling Fanny-Zobel-Strasse along with a two-storey development of the cadastral unit no. 97 toward the rear.

"While it would be much faster to realize this plan because it would not require a new development plan procedure, we have no appetite for it, not least because of the considerable drawbacks for the neighbors of Fanny-Zobel-Strasse and Hoffmannstrasse, and will not pursue it any further," Rembold added.

"Instead, our in-depth study of architecture and property within the framework of the competition has revealed that a higher and leaner development would create room for a more generous access ways to the Spree, and that diverse vistas of, and passageways to, the Spree would be retained."

Meeting these requirements, the winning entry by Pysall Architekten envisions the realization of three distinct high-rises between 63.5 and 110 meters tall. This will minimize the share of development plot ar

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