AFI Park 3 receives LEED Gold Certification (RO)

afi park 3

AFI Park 3 received the LEED Gold certification under the LEED for Core & Shell Rating System for Green Buildings, becoming the third office building in AFI Park to obtain such high qualification. Due to AFI Europe’s green design strategy upon which the buildings were developed, the tenants in AFI Park benefit from an estimated 40% reduction of energy consumption and water use compared to a regular office building. Colliers International advised all three office buildings in AFI Park in the certification process.


“Green is the new standard in developing any office project and is an integral part in all AFI Europe developments. We are committed in offering projects built at high standards and energy efficient, assisting our tenants to benefit of reduced utilities costs. The LEED Gold certification obtained for our first three buildings in AFI Park is a remarkable achievement, part of our long term target to obtain LEED gold certifications to all our existing and new projects, including the shopping malls”, said David Hay, CEO AFI Europe Romania. “In addition to developing our buildings at the highest standards, our strategy is also to encourage our tenants to be part of the green initiatives such as using public transportation or bicycles, installing LED lights, installing sensors to shut off un-needed usage of electricity and HVAC etc. We want to set a positive example in the most growing segment of the real estate market and to create a sustainable environment for our tenants and for the community”, added David Hay.


AFI Park 1 was the first building in Romania to achieve the LEED Gold certification under the LEED for Core & Shell Rating System for Green Buildings, followed by AFI Park 2, and now AFI Park 3. The office buildings in AFI Park include a series of technologies designed to make them green, such as LED lighting, advanced chillers and boilers that reduce energy costs, usage of rain water to water the green areas, and access to daylight through the incorporation of vision glazing. This generates on average almost 40% lower operating consumption for tenants in relation to electricity and water consumptions.


AFI Park is easily accessible by public transportation, with a nearby subway station Politehnica, only 200 m from the project, in addition to 12 different bus and tram lines that are serving the business park. A new Metro line is currently under construction (Drumul Taberei - Piata Universitatii - Pantelimon) that will offer even better access to AFI Park area. This enables the employees which work in the office buildings to use public transportation which is a significant component for a Green Building.


AFI Park consists of 5 Class A office buildings, with a total gross leasable area of over 70,000 m². All three office buildings of AFI Park which were delivered are fully leased. AFI Park 1 has its spaces occupied by companies such as Microchip, Cameron, and Sparkware Technologies, while AFI Park 2 is fully leased to Electronic Arts. AFI Park 3, which was finalized at the end 2014, is entirely occupied by TELUS and Endava. AFI Park 4&5 are currently under construction and will be delivered at the beginning of 2016.


Source: AFI Europe

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