Adidas rents warehouse terminal in new industrial park PNK-Chekhov II (RU)

Adidas rents warehouse terminal of total space of 65,000 m² in a new industrial park PNK-Chekhov II. Development company PNK Group is conducting the construction in accordance with special requirements of international concern. For example, the project of fire-prevention system of the complex, which meets the standards of FM Global, has passed the audit in Germany and got high grades from Insurance committee.

The peculiar feature of the deal between Adidas and PNK Group was the chosen format build-to-suit for lease – projecting and building the object according to the individual requirements of the customer with the following long-term lease. Experts say that such format of a deal is typical for industrial real-estate market of Europe and USA, but not Russia. The average term of lease contract for warehouse of class A is around 5 years in Russia. Only large international companies can allow themselves to sign deals for 10-15 years, but their requirements often are too difficult for developers, working in Russia.

Adidas company openly says that contest requirements for developer were the most difficult: "One of the mandatory requirements is compliance of fire-prevention system of the object with international standards FM Global. Now in Russia many companies declare compliance of their objects with these standards but few of them are ready to prove this in front of international auditors. The project of PNK Group was approved by representatives of our insurance company. Besides, PNK Group found a solution allowing them to meet our requirements and build the object in the shortest time possible", - explained the choice made Nina Sinitsina, Logistics Director, Adidas Group, CIS.

Besides, Adidas had a number of technically difficult requirements for providing opportunity for future automation of the warehouse. "In the project for Adidas company we provided the construction of a structure mezzanine above the line of automatic sorting of the goods, system of cross-docking, warehouse and office spaces conditioning, as well as a gym for the employees of the company. And all this is a top up of all the modern solutions which are already included in the technological standard of PNK Group", - said Executive Director of PNK Group Oleg Mamaev.

PNK Group – is one of the few, if not the only company in Russian market of industrial real-estate, with a successful experience of build-to-suit for lease projects realization. In particular, similar deals were signed by PNK Group with Mars and Uhrenholt Logistics companies. Thereby PNK Group has in its portfolio the whole range of products in industrial real-estate market: classic speculative warehouses, production complexes, build-to-suit both for lease and for sale, as well as multi-temperature warehouses.

"We offer our customers the full assortment of products in the sphere of industrial real-estate in accordance with their individual needs, actually creating "industrial buildings shops", - said Oleg Mamaev.

Source: PNK Group

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