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Europe Real Estate, also known as Real Estate Partners (REP), is a multinational, independent commercial real estate media and marketing company with a pan-European scope and an international orientation. Established in 1999, and headquartered in the Netherlands, REP offers an extensive overview of real estate developments in more than 30 European countries including Russia, Turkey and the Greater Middle East region.
REP provides up-to-date information in Real Estate and Retail yearbooks, as well as our websites and with newsletters with over 20,000 subscribers. Among the highly regarded publications are the Europe Real Estate, Retail Space Europe and Turkey Real Estate reference books, tailored for real estate professionals and distributed at major real estate events and conferences in Europe. REP also collates the latest real estate/property deals, company reports, new developments and research on www.europe-re.com, which acts as a hub for information on upcoming events, news, and interviews with leading industry players. REP's rapid development and expanding international network has gained it global recognition with its publications and online presence. Our goal is to provide an environment, hub and marketplace for our readers to be able to participate, find and meet real estate professionals through one location.
Providing the latest news on various commercial real estate sectors with features, reports and events for professionals who would like to know more about what is happening in Europe. The latest news is sent daily to niche property professionals worldwide, with websites dedicated to Turkey and soon to follow suite the United Kingdom and Retail Space reporting on the developments, trends and deals Europe-wide.
 Social networking has broadened the reach targeting the ‘on the move’ viewers.
Europe Real Estate receives a daily influx of press releases which are read and then selected and edited to appear in the news, features or report sections of this website and the publications made by REP. Our staff include editors, journalists, and marketing and public relations specialists.

Diana Avram Editor
Grace Jenkinson Editor
Adamadia Giarmeniti Traffic Manager
Golnaz Ebrahimi Client Services
Raoul Hilbink Graphics Designer
Ilona Taillade Marketing Director
Three yearly reference books are published annually: •    Europe Real Estate (since 2004) •    Retail Space (since 2007) •    Turkey Real Estate (since 2007)
Europe Real Estate and Retail Space yearbooks provide in-depth information and reference material on over 30 European real estate markets. Turkey Real Estate examines the latest trends in real estate on a national level. All publications have an in-depth look at the latest projects, market trends, research, and key industry players. They also provide an overview of developments in the pipeline, opinions and forecasts from Europe’s top scholars and business leaders. 
The yearbooks are packed with vital, up-to-date information, demographics, economic outlook, who’s who fact files, index listing, color photos, charts and up-to-date project listings. The format has an emphasis for specific information classified by country.
Europe Real Estate - Europe Real Estate examines the varying commercial property market situations across Europe, Russia and Turkey. This reference book provides an overview of the latest projects, trends, research, industry players and developments in the pipeline, as well as offering opinions and forecasts from key scholars and business leaders.
Retail Space – The main editorial articles discuss such topics as sustainability, refurbishment of existing shopping centers, the dynamics of the markets in Eastern Europe and shopping centers as the new community centers, factory outlets, trends, how technology influences retail and much, much more.
Turkey Real Estate – A successful Real Estate and Retail reference yearbook analyzing the real estate market across Turkey. The information is divided into interviews, thought leaders, industry trends, regions, who’s who and company index, this publication ensures an accurate and attractive overview on Turkish cities and regions.
The readers on the move or the ones who prefer services with online reach, can access the flipbooks (digital format for mobile, tablet and online reading or download the pdf version for their convenience). Please visit Publications

The Event section is to get the latest calendar information on what is happening at major events Europe-wide with the ability to purchase tickets and to get information. There are also three major events featured with news updated relating to the events themselves.
Europe Real Estate (REP) participates in all major real estate events across Europe— often with its own stand—meeting people in person and strengthening an already extensive international network, exchanging ideas and maintaining a high profile in the international property market. In addition to gaining the latest information from the biggest names in the industry, these events are an important distribution channel for REP's various publications. This distribution is rather straightforward: visitors to fairs and conferences can obtain free copies of all of the latest editions of REP’s publications.

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