ABN AMRO: Intention to sell Bouwfonds (NL)

ABN AMRO announced on 14 October 2005 a new organisational structure, effective 1 January 2006. This structure is aimed at optimising the growth potential of the Group as it aligns the organisation with its mid-market strategy. The new structure will strengthen ABN AMRO's competitive position in the mid-market segment, the prime driver of its organic growth.


• Focus on implementing new operating structure to optimize both growth potential and cost efficiency:
o mid-market segment the prime driver of organic growth
o GSS programme on track for EUR 600mln by 2007 and annualised savings of at least EUR 750 mln by 2008
• Focus on capital discipline and efficiency consistent with our ROE ambition:
o improve capital efficiency of WCS
o further reduction of Risk Weighted Assets
o intention to sell Bouwfonds
o leading to improved capital ratios and creating room for share buybacks in 2006

Source: Bouwfonds/ABN AMRO

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