Aart Hordijk nominated Chairman of the EPF Energy & Environment Committee (EU)

At its meeting in Brussels on March 2, 2011, the European Property Federation's Managing Committee nominated Aart Hordijk as Chairman of the EPF Energy & Environment Committee. Aart Hordijk is Managing Director of the Real Estate Council of the Netherlands (ROZ), Professor of Real Estate at Tilburg University and member of the EPF Managing Committee.

John Frederiksen, EPF President, said, "The EU legislative pipeline targeting building sustainability has never been fuller: implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive including development of a common EU energy performance certificate for commercial build, fallout from the European Commission's Energy Efficiency Action Plan, revision of the Energy End-use Efficiency and Energy Services Directive, development of an EU Ecolabel for Buildings, revision of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, EU legislation on water performance of buildings, CEN work on the integrated environmental performance of buildings and sustainability aspects of EU construction policy.

"In the face of this, we needed both a property insider and an independent thinker to drive EPF sustainability policy. We found all of this in Aart Hordijk."

Liz Peace, Chairman of the Managing Committee, said, "Aart has vast experience of real estate sustainability, having played a leading role in all of EPF's earlier, entirely successful, lobbying campaigns: Drinking Water Directive (lead pipe replacement in housing), Environmental Liability Directive, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. In all cases, he was able to use his great familiarity with the practical solutions of Dutch government and real estate to refine draft EU legislation."

Source: EPF

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