9 000 m² office complex Eolis in Brussels awarded top environmental certifications (BE)

Eolis, located in the centre of Brussels, near the canal, at 13-15 Square Sainctelette, has been entirely renovated and restructured into a next generation building, taking into account the highest level of international environmental standards, both the French HQE and the Belgian PEB/EPB 2011.

The renovation, piloted by the fund manager CBRE Investors, included the restoration of concrete ceilings, the transformation of the entire facade as well as that of the technical equipment and an optimisation of the work space. Eolis is now a highly equipped building in terms of thermal and acoustic isolation, energy and water savings, waste management and working environment.

"Obtaining the HQE certification was essential in the renovation of this building. It gave us an ambitious and internationally recognized standard to strive for," explains Nicolas Lutgé, Director with CBRE Investors.

"We are equally committed to creating a vibrant, lively and comfortable working environment. The building will offer future tenants functional office space, a double height entrance hall and a panoramic terrace," adds Guillaume Turcas, Asset Manager with CBRE Investors.

CBRE Investors realised this project in coordination with Félix Florio (HQE assistance), Assar (Architecture), Advisers (Project Management) and Interbuild.

Source: Citigate

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