7R Green unveils new eco-friendly warehouse project (PL)

7R Green unveils new eco-friendly warehouse scheme (PL)

7R has begun the construction of a new 7R Green warehouse project in Sosnowiec, Poland. The green solutions applied in the project will help to minimize No Limit’s environmental impact. The warehouse space will amount to nearly 5,000m². 7R is also preparing an office for the tenant, located on two floors, with a total size of 430m². The building has been designed according to 7R’s new 7R Green eco-building standards introduced by the developer at the beginning of this year. The investment focuses on the most effective selection of pro-ecological solutions, consistent with the needs of No Limit's strategy. The facility will be commissioned for use in September 2020.


"No Limit’s hub in Sosnowiec is historically one of our key destinations in Poland for our operations. With the development of our eco-strategy and following company’s principle of "Environmentally-friendly logistics", we decided to take up the challenge of preparing a facility that would meet our operational and business expectations, but above all would be a genuinely green warehouse. By cooperating with 7R we managed to develop a project that is supplied with photovoltaic energy, and a building that will be ready for the installation of an infrastructure which will support a fleet of electric cars powered by 100% renewable energy sources. This is a completely new standard of the warehouse for No Limit. We believe that it is another important step in the development of our company's eco-services," said Mariusz Rączka, Logistics Director at No Limit.


"This is both the first BTS warehouse we are building for No Limit and the first 7R Green facility constructed according to the 7R Green standard. The facility will be covered with a photovoltaic system, which requires, as part of its installation, the strengthening of the roof structure. We are also preparing the infrastructure for electric car charging stations and an internal car wash. The building’s facade will be covered with greenery, emphasizing the ecological values of the facility. The entire project will create optimal conditions for the sustainable logistics activities of our client. It will also showcase this new trend which we are introducing to the warehouse and industrial real estate market", added Maciej Krawiecki, Head of Leasing at 7R.


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