2008 has been a successful year for Manufaktura in Lodz (PL)

The year 2008 undoubtedly was the year of Manufaktura. It's offer has been significantly exceeded in terms of culture, entertainment and shopping. The total turnover achieved by all the tenants was at the level of 813 million PLN (€232 mln.) – it increased by 18% in comparison with the previous year. The number of visitors has grown as well – "It was an exceptional year for Manufaktura, with such level of success and such a large recognition from Poland and abroad," says João Xavier, Director of Property Management at Apsys Polska.

In 2008 the total turnover of Manufaktura increased by 18% (compared with the previous year). It reached 813 million PLN (€232 mln.)and exceeded significantly assumed goals. The commercial offer of the center, which is constantly broadened and diversified, certainly contributed to this success. In 2008 the following brands appeared in Manufaktura: Matinique, Swarovski, Subway, Escada Sport, Turnover, Vom Fass, Sabon, Fever, Office Shoes, Catering, I Coffee, City Bank Handlowy, DIM as well as the long-awaited Alma delicatessen.

In the year 2008 Manufaktura was visited by 18,7 million visitors, which makes 1 million people more than in the previous year. Therefore, in order to improve comfort and safety of visitors and tenants, a number of works and many innovative solutions were introduced in the Centre, e.g. the security guards (as the first in Poland) got equipped with segway vehicles. In cooperation with city authorities there was a new tram stop opened opposite the building.

The year 2008 was full of attractions. The most important event of the last year undoubtedly was opening of the Museum of Art in November. Only during first weekend after launching new branch was visited by 8,000 people. Second anniversary of Manufaktura was a significant date as well – celebration attracted more than 130,000 visitors. Among important events Fashion Week organized in autumn has to be mentioned. The best Polish fashion designers participated in it. Only during Night Shopping accompanying the enterprise Manufaktura was visited by 15,000 guests. In 2008 the second edition of Car Show, the greatest event for fans of motorization in Lodz, took place. Manufaktura also hosted the Dialogue of Four Cultures Festival, The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (more than 220,000 people gathered in the Square of Manufaktura during the great final), the Summer Festival of Street Theaters, exhibitions accompanying Lodz Design Festival and many more attractions. Last year, for the first time, New Year's Eve for citizens was carried out in the Square of the Centre. About 10,000 people took part in this celebration which was probably the safest in Poland.

In 2008 Manufaktura was chosen by the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC) as the best in category "Very large shopping centres" in Europe. It is one of the most prestigious trade honours in the continent. Moreover, Manufaktura gained the award of world importance for Innovative Design and Development of a New Project, Mixed Use also from ICSC. The Museum of Factory, now one of the most visited museums in Lodz, was granted a golden award in the Solal Marketing Awards Contest. The center was also among five best tourist products in Poland in the contest organized by Polish Tourist Organization. Manufaktura was also spotted by main international media. CNN showed the center in "Eye on Poland" – programme presenting interesting places in Poland. Moreover, BBC channel as well as CNN focused on Manufaktura and placed it in the spot promoting Lodz. In December Lufthansa Magazine regarded the Centre as one of the most attractive places to do Christmas shopping.

The greatest event of 2009 will undoubtedly be the opening of Andel's Hotel which will complement the offer of Manufaktura and make it a real Destination Center.

Source: Apsys Group

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