17,600-m² BTS facility for Faurecia (PL)

Panattoni Europe, the leader in the warehouse and industrial space sector, is working on another BTS manufacturing project.

The new investment is dedicated to one of the biggest players in the automotive industry, Faurecia. The 17,600-m² facility will be built within the Kostrzyn-Sùubice Special Economic Zone in Gorzów Wielkopolski. This transaction has been mediated by Colliers International.

Panattoni Europe has been contracted by the global leader in the production of automotive solutions, Faurecia, to build its next BTS manufacturing facility. The facility will take up 17,600 m²: the production hall, where dashboards and other car parts will be made, is set to cover 14,500 m²; offices, designed as an external part of the building, have been planned on 1,600 m²; and technical rooms on 1,500 m².

The new project, with construction work set to start at the end of June, will be the tenant's second facility at the Kostrzyn-Sùubice Special Economic Zone near Gorzów Wielkopolski. Completion of the investment is planned in December 2011. This transaction has been mediated by Colliers International represented by Maciej Chmielewski and Lukasz Grupa.

Strategic location: route S3
The future facility is located in a region with huge economic potential, within the Kostrzyn-Sùubice Special Economic Zone, near the border with Germany, on the expressway S3 (E65), the European route running from north to south. In Poland, the S3 - once completed - will span 500 km and connect such cities as Szczecin, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Zielona Góra, Legnica. It is an excellent location for potential industrial investments, taking into account the facilities that have already been completed, as well as the areas enjoying the status of special economic zones.

"Due to Faurecia's dynamic development and growing numbers of customers we have faced the necessity to build a new production facility. It was important for us that the new facility be close to the previous one, within the Kostrzyn-Sùubice Special Economic Zone," said Zielen Artur, Director of Operations for Central and Eastern Europe, Faurecia.

"The selection criteria for the developer included experience supported by completed projects, understanding of the manufacturing-oriented investment process and, inevitably, the potential partner's credibility. Panattoni Europe meets all the above criteria and we have awarded the contract to them. This is the first stage of the investment, we hope to embark on stage two as early as next year."

"The growing interest in the construction of manufacturing facilities within special economic zones, stimulated by the measurable benefits to the tenant, is reflected in our projects. The contract for Panattoni Europe to build a factory for Faurecia is already the third project of this kind and in such a short time," said Marek Forynski, BTS Group Director, Panattoni Europe.


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