109,464 people visit Galeria Victoria in its first weekend (PL)

109,464 people visited Galeria Victoria in its first weekend (October 16-17 2010). Galeria Victoria's customers were counted by the Swedish company Viametrics, the leading international supplier and administrator of visitor counting systems for shopping malls, retail chains and public buildings, which provided the systems to measure footfall in the shopping mall. This huge number of visitors to Galeria Victoria is a good indicator of the success of this first retail and entertainment center in Walbrzych and the surrounding region.

Galeria Victoria 6

The two-story shopping complex houses an Intermarché Super supermarket and approx. 100 shops.

"We are extremely glad that almost 110,000 people visited Galeria Victoria in its first weekend, shopping, spending time with friends and family in the coffeehouses and restaurants, and taking part in numerous competitions and other specially prepared fun and games. A large crowd of inhabitants of Walbrzych also came to watch the concerts of Katerine and Patrycja Markowska and the amazing fireworks display in the evening," said Richard Keen, Managing Director of Keen Property Partners Retail, the developer and investor of Galeria Victoria.

"The inhabitants of Walbrzych and the surrounding region have once again proved that they want to participate actively in the life of this first retail and entertainment center in the city and region, and Galeria Victoria is now truly 'Mine, Yours, Ours', as its slogan declares."

The official grand opening of Galeria Victoria took place on Saturday October 16, 2010.

At 8 am Derrick Smith, investor of Galeria Victoria, Leszek Mazurek, Director of Galeria Victoria and Piotr Kruczkowski, President of Walbrzych, with the accompaniment of the Orkiestra Górnicza brass band, performed the ceremonial ribbon-cutting and opened the shopping center. 2,000 multicolored balloons and confetti were released into the air, and then the first customers entered the mall.

A wide variety of attractions were planned for visitors to Galeria Victoria on Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 October. The first clients were eager to do a lot of shopping, encouraged by sales and promotional offers prepared by the tenants. The dance shows and classes, numerous competitions with great prizes, and other fun and games taking place in the shopping mall on Saturday and Sunday between 11 am and 6 pm also proved very popular.

The attractions prepared for the first customers of Galeria Victoria culminated in the concerts by Katerine and Patrycja Markowska, which took place on Saturday evening on a large stage located in front of the shopping mall, the singers' popular hits pleasing the crowds gathered outside. Local band Onyx The Rock Band also performed during the evening. The grand finale of the concert was marked by an amazing fireworks display, shooting 200 meters into the sky over Walbrzych.

Source: Questia Sp. z o.o.

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