100 European firms sign-up for RICS regulation (EU)

As of March 11, 2001, 100 firms in continental Europe are 'regulated by RICS' and benefit from the recognition and quality validation of the mark of property professionalism worldwide; an important step forward towards RICS' goal to bring increased client confidence and transparency to the European real estate market.

Since last November the organization announced the opportunity for firms across Europe to be regulated by RICS, thousand of companies have expressed their interest to demonstrate their ethical commitment in their business practices. So far, approximately 100 firms from more than 20 different countries are now registered by RICS in mainland Europe.

Until now, RICS regulation has been particularly successful in countries such as Germany (with 27 registered firms), the Benelux region (with 20 regulated firms) and Spain (10 regulated firms), followed closely by Italy, Portugal and France. Also interest is growing among firms located in Scandinavia and Eastern and Central Europe.

To register as an RICS regulated firm and benefit from effective monitoring and regulatory advice, as well as from the prestige of this international label, at least 50% of the directors/principals in the firm need to be RICS members and offer surveying services to the public. Registration is free of charge.

In Germany, John Atkins, EC Harris Country Leader for Germany commented: "High professional and ethical standards are of utmost importance in today's business world. RICS is an institution that leads the way in ensuring that these standards are observed and continuously improved. EC Harris Germany is committed to these principals and we are very proud to be one of the first companies in Germany to be 'Regulated by RICS'."

In the Netherlands, Jaap van Rhijn MRICS from Colliers International, said: "Colliers International was the first firm to subscribe for the 'Regulated by RICS' designation in the Netherlands. This designation, recently launched in continental Europe, represents the highest ethical standards in daily business practices."

In the Netherlands, Ing. A.M. Bilderbeek MRICS from Bilderbeek Vastgoed, said: "Regulation by RICS makes a difference in your company. It shows that not only the members of RICS in your company work according to high professional standards, but the whole organization. Therefore as a client you are assured that services are conducted with integrity, accuracy and quality. Even as a small company RICS gives us the opportunity to make a positive difference with our competitors in a time in which stability, certainty and reliability are needed."

In France, Denis François FRICS, CEO of CB Richard Ellis – Valuation, said: "This qualification is a proof of a firm's commitment to follow a strict set of rules when dealing with clients and carrying out valuations. It contributes to the continuing improvement of our profession and to its recognition."

In Italy, Fabrizio Giacon MRICS, from Yard Valtech, said: "Being a 'RICS regulated and certified firm' can certainly represent an added value in the property industry as here in Italy RICS means professionalism and quality. Both local and international clients trust and rely on RICS. In addition to that, being an RICS firm also means complying with Rules of Conduct which guarantee transparency and reliability in the real estate market."

In Spain, Alastair Kinloch MRICS, Property Works Chartered Surveyors, commented: "Tighter regulation of the surveying profession can only lead to better public and client confidence in our services and products. It will help us to ensure our company maintains standards; remaining compliant, competitive and forward thinking."

In Belgium, Peter Garré FRICS, Director of Bopro, commented: "RICS gives support to the growth of my business nationally as well as internationally, building partnerships through the confidence people have in RICS values and professionalism."

In Cyprus, Antonis Loizou FRICS, from Antonis Loizou & Associates, said: "Regulated by RICS is a sign that following a strict c

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