Temporary Consortium of Companies (TCC) led by Prelios wins contract to manage INPS real estate assets (IT)

The Temporary Consortium of Companies (TCC) - made up of Prelios Property & Project Management S.p.A., which is also the project leader, with 32%, Abaco Servizi (Gabetti Group) with 18%, EXITone (STI Group) with 20% and Siram S.p.A. (Veolia Group, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange) with 30% - has provisionally won the competitive procedure organized by the INPS (the Italian Pensions Agency) for the supply of management services connected with its properties.

The decision was made after a public session of the Awarding Commission and will be formalized within the terms provided for in the current laws.

The pensions agency's property assets, the object of the management mandate, are used for different purposes - offices, shops and residential - and include approximately 13,000 property units.

The result obtained rewards the track record and the quality of the submitted technical offer of all the companies taking part in the TCC.

This result assumes particular significance for Prelios, which through its subsidiary will provide the property and building management services, as it consolidates the Group's repositioning as a pure management company according to an integrated model of management and specialist services aimed at creating value for the real estate portfolios of third-party customers.

Within the TCC, Abaco Servizi will perform the property, project and construction management activities. Implementation of the Gabetti Group's Strategic Plan is thus continuing, confirming the focus on core real estate services: Agency and Technical Services.

Source: Prelios s.p.a

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