Sonae Sierra presents expansion project for GuimarãeShopping (PT)

To celebrate its 14th birthday, GuimarãeShopping will benefit from an expansion, representing an investment of €15.2 million. After the expansion, the center will have an extra 4,000 m² of GLA, for a new total of 31,500 m².

GuimarãeShopping will feature a total of 113 shops and 16 restaurants, as well as a wider variety in its offer, with 14 new shops and six new restaurants. The highlight of this project is the presence of FNAC, which up until now didn't have any stores in the city, and will have a strong presence in GuimarãeShopping, which already makes available a Modelo Continente Hypermarket, C&A, Sportzone, Worten, Castello Lopes cinemas, Massimo Dutti, Salsa, Pull & Bear, McDonald's and Pizza Hut.

The expansion of GuimarãeShopping aims at revitalizing its renowned qualities and ensuring the continuation of the enormous success this shopping center has enjoyed. This refurbishment process began in March and will carry on until October 2009, always with the centre under operation.

A large variety and quality in terms of offer, which includes a complete set of services in a pleasant area where customers can shop and enjoy leisurely moments, represent the most important characteristics of GuimarãeShopping. Such an example is the presence of a pharmacy, Farmácia Vitória, opened since March 2009, which contributes towards the differentiation of the center, reflecting to perfection the concern with the convenience offer and well-being of the visitors.

The expansion process will also create 290 new jobs, besides the 1,018 already existing. GuimarãeShopping also benefits from a privileged location, with a complete network of accesses, covering a catchment area with more than 470,000 people less than 30 minutes away by car. Thus, the success of GuimarãeShopping is reflected in its 8.8 million visits per year, and an annual sales volume reaching €52.4 million.

Access renovated and Refurbishment of the Bus Terminal Station
The expansion project of GuimarãeShopping also includes the refurbishment of the city's access roads, namely the crucial node of the Guimarães road network. The objective is to alleviate traffic and facilitate the access of ambulances to the hospital. The measures implemented by Sonae Sierra are the result of a long analysis process, developed together with the city hall, taking into account the specificities of this node. The beginning of the works is only pending on "Estradas de Portugal" permission.

Sonae Sierra is equally committed to the refurbishment of the Bus Terminal Station and has already started the works to improve the ventilation system so as to diminish the accumulation of smoke and gas inside this infrastructure. At the same time, a refurbishment in terms of painting and facilities is also underway. The security of the terminal is being reinforced and will have available a new information panel and waiting room for the convenience of users.

Source: Sonae Sierra

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