Sonae Sierra inaugurates its 10th shopping center in Brazil (PT/BR)

Sonae Sierra, through its subsidiary Sonae Sierra Brazil, yesterday (April 6, 2009) inaugurated the Manauara Shopping in Manaus, its 10th shopping center in Brazil, and the 51st of its global portfolio, representing an investment of about €88 million.

With a GLA of 47,000 m², the center features 227 shops, including 12 of large dimensions, including national and international brands such as C&A, Centauro, Cia Athletica, Magic Games, Marisa, Playarte, with 10 cinemas, Renner, Riachuelo, Saraiva Megastore (set in a 1,500 m² area, the first of the brand in Manaus), as well as brands well-known to the local public, such as Bemol, Dinâmica, making available furniture and decoration items, and Hightech Import, specialized in electronic and computer products.

A total of 52 shops are new to Manaus. With about 96% of its GLA already let, the Manauara Shopping features many reference brands: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Kappa, MontBlanc, Victor Hugo and C&A, just to name a few.

Other novelty is the installation of a modern Theatre with a total area of 1.350 m², that can accommodate more than 550 people in a stadium format, and is equipped with the latest generation equipments of light and sound.

"With this inauguration we proceed with our international expansion, and at the same time we reinforce our presence in the Brazilian market, where we have been growing in a sustainable manner. In fact, this is our 10th shopping center in the country, and we have three more projects in the development pipeline in Londrina, Minas Gerais and Goiânia. However, Sonae Sierra's growth strategy doesn't stop here, and in the last quarter of this year we will inaugurate Loop5, in Weiterstad, Germany", states Álvaro Portela, Sonae Sierra's CEO.

Innovation in the Brazilian market
Manauara Shopping will create 3,000 jobs and will welcome more than 12 million visits annually. For this audience, the center counts on 2,750 parking spaces and a modern electronic vacancy control system, never seen before in Brazil.

The architectural project – designed by José Quintela da Fonseca, responsible for Sonae Sierra's Architectural and Conceptual Development, is inspired by the fauna and flora of the Amazon, privileging natural light. The Negro and Solimões rivers, the biggest tourist attractions in Manaus, were the inspiration for the center's logo, and are represented on the development's roof.

The exterior of the development features a green area of more than 3,000 m², where dozens of Moriche palms and two sweet chestnut trees were preserved, and are now a part of the landscaping project of Manauara Shopping, visible to all visitors from the food court level.

Inside the center the work of several local artisans and artists can be appreciated as well.

Also associated to this project are the donations of areas intended to bring culture and knowledge to the population, like the Eco Space, donated to the city hall.

A green shopping center
Like other projects developed by Sonae Sierra, Manauara Shopping follows the most rigorous standards set by the company's Environmental Management System, and has adopted the most eco-efficient solutions to achieve the environmental ISO 14001 certification the construction management.

From the beginning of its construction, Manauara Shopping's environmental commitment has materialized in the re-use of waste, such as cement and asphalt.

During the construction process, 500 thousand m3 of rainwater were collected, and the water collection system will continue to be used in the fire-fighting, irrigation and cleaning networks.

The shopping center also features equipments of high energetic efficiency, large glass areas for better use of natural light and solar-powered water heating systems in the employees' dressing rooms. Another differentiating element in this development is the implementation of an effluent treatment station (ETS), which can treat more than 500 m3 of water, to be re-used in the sanitary facilities, irrigation of plants and shopping center refrigeration system.


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