Real Capital Analytics announces long- term agreement with Nikkei Business Publications

Real Capital Analytics (RCA), a leading global research firm, announced today that it has entered into a long-term license agreement with Nikkei Business Publications, Japan's leading source for commercial property transaction data, to incorporate Japanese transaction data into RCA's Global Transaction Database.

RCA has similar data partnerships with Property Data (UK), HBS Research (France), Thomas Daily (Germany), Bulwien Gesa (Germany), Feri EuroRating (Germany), VGM Real Estate (Netherlands), Stan Dickens Property Services (Spain), KTI (Finland), Confidencial Imobiliario (Portugal), EPRC, a division of Hong Kong Economic Times (Hong Kong) and SAMS (Korea).

"Our data partnerships with best-of-country information providers like Nikkei Business Publications have allowed us to reach a critical mass of global commercial property transactions much sooner than we had anticipated" said Joe Mannina, RCA's Executive Vice President.

"It would be very difficult for us to replicate the access to proprietary transaction data and local market knowledge our data partners have been able to provide us with in such a short period of time."

RCA's global investment sales database is the first transparent database to track global capital flows in more than 80 countries and reveal each transaction researched by RCA with details such as sales price, sale date, buyer name, seller name, cap rate/yield and building specs for the office, retail, industrial, multifamily and hotel sectors.

Taro Tokunaga, Chief Editor for the Nikkei Real Estate Market Report from Nikkei Business Publications, commented as follows: "Amid the globalization of the real estate investment market, every year sees Asia increasingly becoming a target for investment. It is significant that Nikkei Business Publications has entered into this data partner agreement with RCA, in that it helps encourage investment from abroad to be made in Japan. Until now, information on real estate in Japan has certainly been in short supply for global players. From now on, a greater understanding of the Japanese real estate market will be facilitated through our partnership with RCA."

RCA also recently published its Global Capital Trends report which highlighted US $503.7 billion in global commercial property sales for 2008 and also identified more than US $82 billion of troubled assets around the world that are in the process of being foreclosed upon.

Source: RCA

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