Pirelli RE launches Ecobuilding development program (IT)

Pirelli RE has announced the launch of Ecobuilding, an eco-sustainable real estate development program for environmentally friendly construction. The project will involve the construction of residential and commercial buildings that will focus on four core standards; efficient energy, not only for winter heating but also for summer cooling; the use of eco-compatible materials; the use of renewable resources and comfortable living.

The commitment to continuously improving the standards of energy efficiency and eco-compatibility is a priority for Pirelli RE whose objective is to be ahead of sector legislation by offering quality, highly efficient, environmentally friendly solutions.

Ecobuilding's program involves a series of solutions that include: a more extensive use of energy from renewable sources (specifically, solar and geothermal energy), innovative, efficient heating/cooling systems for optimal use of the energy obtained from renewable sources and highly energy efficient devices, improved insulation of the buildings, the use of external fixtures and glass facades that guarantee maximum efficiency, including summer solar panels, individual climate control units, use of rainwater and other natural, eco-compatible products, as well as green roofs.

Pirelli RE has been focused on this area for quite some time; in residential real estate the company has been a pioneer in the implementation of eco-sustainable standards, as was the case with the Progetto Malaspina in Pioltello (MI), recognized by the Kyoto Club for its excellence in terms of reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.

The first Pirelli RE Ecobuilding development project will be Giardini Viscontea in Cusago (MI) with a gross floor area of 16,000 m² where thirteen buildings of two or three floors should be constructed, reaching a total of 200 apartments. This project is an important example of energy efficient construction as it's design focuses on reduced and optimal energy consumption. Rainwater will be used as a natural and renewable source of energy for both heating and cooling systems which will help to eliminate CO2 emissions. Radiating panels will also be installed so that rainwater may be used directly in free-cooling systems. Thanks to the implementation of these highly innovative solutions, Giardini Visconti hopes to reach Class A energy efficiency (30 kwh/m3 a year).

The Ecobuilding program will also be implemented by Pirelli RE in the office sector as part of the expansion of the new Bicocca headquarters in Milan (Headquarter 2) which will be the first Class A certified, energy efficient office building. The energy consumed for winter heating will be approximately 30% below the volumes indicated in the new Law 192, effective as from January 1st, 2010. The consumption of the air conditioning systems will also be largely reduced thanks to more effective insulation. It is estimated that the "sun factor" of the southeastern facade will be around 0.15 which means that only 15% of the heat produced will penetrate the building. This will be achieved thanks to moveable triple glass windows installed in ventilated exterior panels. Installation of aluminum reflecting panels will enhance natural lighting in the work areas. ISBE Italia is also verifying whether or not the building is certifiable as per the American institution Green Building Council protocols. This would be the first office building in Italy to be certified in accordance with these standards.

Pirelli RE's focus on eco-sustainability is also key to architecture. The award received from Urbanpromo for the innovative characteristics and attention to environmentally friendly features of Eastgate Park in Portogruaro (VE), even though a logistics/industrial project, is testimony to this sort of commitment, as is the recent tender launched for the conversion of the building that once housed the cafeteria and maintenance facilities of the Breda industrial park in Bicocca. The environmental sustainability of the proposed building is one of the tender's most importan

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