NREP appoints Claus Mathisen as new CEO

NREP appoints Claus Mathisen as new CEO

Nordic real estate firm NREP has appointed its long-serving Partner Claus Mathisen as new Chief Executive Officer. Mathisen will replace Mikkel Bulow-Lehnsby, one of three co-founders of NREP, who will continue to be on the NREP Executive Committee and will take part in setting the strategic direction, new investment strategies and business plans for the firm.


“We are fortunate to have someone of Claus Mathisen’s calibre and experience for the next step of our journey. NREP has since its establishment in 2005 gradually incubated and built up several customer-centric real estate businesses and products and has grown to more than 140 professionals in the core investment management organization. It is now at a size that requires a different mindset and leadership, which Claus Mathisen brings while ensuring continuity,” comments Mikkel Bulow-Lehnsby.


From 2008 to 2017, Claus Mathisen was the CEO of Pelican Self Storage. He has also been a core member of NREP’s strategic management team since 2008 and has a background from Boston Consulting Group and J.P. Morgan.


Speaking on behalf of the NREP Partner group, NREP co-founding Partner Rasmus Norgaard said: “Mikkel has been instrumental to take NREP to this point but looking forward we see that our larger organization causes a need for a new type of leadership. Claus Mathisen has the right operational skills and leadership abilities to direct NREP to continue its growth and deliver even better results.”


Claus Mathisen further commented: ”It is a true honour to have been given the trust to lead NREP on its continued journey. I look forward to developing the team and realize our vision of making better real estate offerings to people of all ages.”

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