Multi Development and the city of Amersfoort ground-break Eemplein (NL)

Mr. Lucas Bolsius, Mayor of Amersfoort, officially signaled the start of the realization of Eemplein in Amersfoort on December 15, 2010.

Eemplein - Amersfoort NL

The total investment in this project is around €130 million.

Multi is developing, in cooperation with the municipality of Amersfoort, an attractive town square with facilities to match the growing city. Surrounding the square plaza will be a Pathé cinema with eight screens, shops, restaurants, apartments and The Eemhuis music venue The Basement, Eemland Libraries, Schools of Art and the Archives of Eemland. Albert Heijn, Media Markt, Blokker and Xenos, are anchor tenants. Green Real Estate is the owner of the commercial real estate.

The Alliance will achieve a total of 72 dwellings, consisting of 18 rental houses, 44 apartments and 10 private units for starters. An office and further apartments will be built later. Beneath the square is a garage with 750 parking spaces. Park King is the owner. The total investment is around €130 million.

Eemplein provides for the desired expansion of Amersfoort city center. Outstanding architectural design and use of special materials will also provide a high quality event space. The atmosphere is urban and informal with soft shapes, green areas and many recreational places.

Eemplein is an excellent example of Multi's design and implementation focus on sustainable development in urban centers. In Eemplein extensive use will be made of green roof gardens. Eemhuis will also benefit from a special heat and cold storage plant. The plan also contributes through retention of purchasing power, stimulus to local employment and improvement of social cohesion in the city center.

Bolles + Wilson created the concept in collaboration with T+T Design, Gouda, Multi's inhouse architectural design team. Rijnboutt architects is responsible for the Pathé cinema and shops. Eemhuis is by Neutelings Riedijk Architects and the catering and leisure pavilion with tower by Dick Gameren. Mecanoo Architects is responsible for building the Media Markt and Albert Heijn. The apartments in the cinema building area are designed by Drost + van Veen Architects. Buro Sant and Co. is responsible for the public area.

Source: Multi

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