Multi announces 20,000 m² Les Arcades Rougé in Cholet to open November 5 (FR)

New Yorker and Le Grand Récré have signed leases in the new, 20,000 m² project, Les Arcades Rougé in Cholet to be opened by the Mayor of Cholet on 5 November 2009. Les Arcades Rougé is in the Notre-Dame area of Cholet, 360 km South West of Paris, in the heart of the beautiful Pays de la Loire region of France, and aims to breathe new life into the town center.

This very attractive commercial area includes a SuperU supermarket, two medium-sized retail units, 50 shops, 9 restaurants a 9 screens/1,500 seats Cinémovida multiplex cinema and a new hotel, 80 apartments and 500 public parking spaces.

On the upper ground floor, several buildings are sited along a curved mall, which leads through an open-air promenade onto a new public square that forms the heart of Les Arcades Rougé. The square adjoins two car park levels and a lower ground floor where the SuperU and extra shops are to be found. Les Arcades Rougé has been carefully designed not to overshadow or disrupt Cholet's existing retailers but to strengthen all commercial activity in Cholet.

National and international brand names, new to the Cholet area, including Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) and others, will make this project a vital and compelling commercial and social area in the town center. Cyprien Coisne, Commercial Manager of Multi Development France said: "These 2 top brands enable Les Arcades Rougé to further fulfill the demands of the young generations in Cholet."

Source: Multi

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