Aareal Bank prolongs partnership with EBS Business School by a further three years (DE)

Aareal Bank is extending its cooperation with the EBS Business School by sponsoring real estate economics teaching and research for a further three years at the Wiesbaden location.


Aareal Bank employees take part in Executive courses at the EBS geared to the property industry.

Since 2006, Aareal Bank has been one of the key supporters and sponsors of the university, in the shape of the Aareal Chair of Property Investment and Financing in the Real Estate Management Institute of the EBS (EBS-REMI).

Dr Wolf Schumacher, chairman of the Management Board of Aareal Bank AG explains: "Aareal Bank and REMI are two high-performance partners who match very well because each aspires to innovate in its respective area, and each has an international orientation. In our view REMI is a valuable interface to the academic insights of real estate research. We as a bank and the sector as a whole profit from that. I am looking forward to another three years of trusting cooperation with our partners."

For Aareal Bank, cooperation with EBS-REMI is an integral part of training and continuing education at tertiary level. Aareal Bank employees take part in Executive courses geared to the property industry or attend university events. And Aareal Bank managers have been sitting on REMI examination committees, and have lectured in the Executive Study courses or at the EBS Immobilienkongress.

This partnership facilitates research activities at REMI with a practical application, the identification of relevant issues and access to the requisite sources of information. Hence numerous academic publications and research papers have been generated by the Aareal-endowed chair.

Prof Dr Nico Rottke, Head of the EBS-REMI institute says of the extended cooperation: "Prolonging the cooperation shows how closely tied Aareal Bank is to the EBS Business School and REMI. Three more years, that is a great sign of continuity and steadiness. I am happy that the productive interplay between theory and practice is going to be continued."

Knowledge center for the property sector with outstanding milestones
In the last few years, Aareal Bank's sponsorship has laid the foundations for a property sector knowledge center. Some outstanding milestones have been: the establishment and expansion of REMI as a component of the Finance, Accounting and Real Estate (FARE) department at the EBS; the appointment of Prof Dr Nico Rottke as senior professor; the resuming of executive education with accreditation through RICS; the establishment of the EBS Immobilienkongress as a venue for the property industry.

Pursuing training and continuing education at the highest level
One of the key platforms in the joint partnership is the Aareal Award of Excellence in Real Estate Research. This award, which is worth €12,000, recognises academically-outstanding real estate sector research work and fosters up-and-coming researchers, national and international. In February 2011, the award will be presented for the fourth time by Aareal Bank in cooperation with REMI.

Source: Aareal Bank

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