€100 million partnership agreement signed Sibeliuspark/Talentencampus Oss (NL)

The City of Oss and the Park&People Consortium today signed a partnership agreement for the development of a city campus situated on the Dr. Saal van Zwanenbergsingel. The project involves an investment of approximately €100 million. The Park&People Consortium comprises the partners Heijmans Property Development (Rosmalen), Hendriks Projectontwikkeling (Oss) and the housing corporation BrabantWonen (Oss).

The partnership agreement is the outcome of an intensive tendering procedure for the Sibeliuspark and Talentencampus Oss projects. A total of 260 homes are to be developed in the Sibeliuspark, consisting of 74 subsidized rental homes and 186 privately owned homes. The Talentencampus consists of a total area covering 37,200 m² GFA. Of this, 13,400 m² GFA has been set aside for social property development and 23,800 m² GFA for commercial property development.

Two projects with a common look and feel
Talentencampus OSS is a project designed to establish new links between pre-vocational secondary education, upper secondary vocational education, sports organizations and the business community, in the form of, for example teaching guidelines and work plazas. In 2006, the educational institutes Regional Training Centre De Leijgraaf and Het Hooghuis, soccer associations SV Top and FC Oss and the City of Oss took the initiative of assessing the feasibility of the Talentencampus Oss. Actual construction will occur within and near the FC Oss stadium.

The key project pillars are: provide opportunities for new forms of competence-oriented learning, create teaching guidelines between pre-vocational secondary education and upper secondary vocational education and develop and stimulate contemporary, appealing answers to social problems, such as premature school dropout rates and the participation of non-working individuals.

In addition, the BrabantWonen housing corporation and the BrabantZorg organization want to establish themselves on Talentencampus Oss. For BrabantWonen this concerns the corporate business units Management, Strategy, Policy and Communication, Resources and Project Development. BrabantZorg wants to consolidate its current corporate organization units in Oss, Heesch and Veghel here.

In terms of Sibeliuspark, the project involves the redevelopment of a park-like area at the edge of the Ruwaard District that due to its current layout receives little use and has a limited identity. The objective is to transform this area into an attractive, multi-functional, socially safe and easy to manage park with newly to be developed and realised housing. Jointly with Talentencampus, Sibeliuspark will create a striking image along one of the most important entryways into the City of Oss.

Source: Heijmans

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